Fact or Cap? Body Oils: The Most Universal Oil

You may have heard of body oils, but have you ever used one? By the end of this I'm sure you'll be convinced to ditch whatever moisturizer you have or at least add body oil to your personal body care collection.

Body oils are a mix of botanical oils that seal in moisture. They're light-weight, non-greasy, and give your skin an amazing luminous feel and look.

Here's some ways I like to use them:

Body butter substitute

As much as I love my body butters, I prefer a more light-weight way of moisturizing in the hotter seasons. Just warm the oil between your hands and apply to clean damp skin to seal in moisture all day long. Incredibly quick, easy, and long-lasting!

Hot oil treatment

I love a good scalp massage. Warm some of your body oil up in the microwave then apply oil on to your scalp and massage it in. This can also promote hair growth. I recommend only using Healing Body Oil for this.

A few drops into the bath

I like to take a nice hot bath and add a few drops of Berry Vanilla Body Oil to the water on my self care days. You get to relax while your skin gets to soak up some extra nutrients. I bet your lotion can’t be added to your bath! 

Reduce razor bumps

Aren’t razor bumps the worst? Here’s a solution for you: rub some body oil before shaving for a nice clean shave. Prepping with body oil before shaving is key. This will also make your skin feel even smoother post-shave.

Stretch marks

Body oils are notorious for promoting skin elasticity. After consistency using body oil you can notice fading marks. This is because body oils nourish skin quicker and deeper than lotions helping the skin heal quicker.

Massage oil

In need of a quick spa trip or feeling a little achy? Massage your muscles with body oil, enjoy the exquisite scent and relax. I love to use Eucalyptus Body Oil or Healing Body Oil for this.

I could go on and on because the benefits and uses of body oils are endless! Convinced yet? Try one out!

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