body butter. the how-to handbook

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With the help of "Body Butter: The How-To Handbook," discover the secrets to creating exquisite, handmade body butter. Your go-to resource for making luxurious, skin-nourishing body butter at home is this compact and educational e-book.

This will provide you with a wealth of information and useful hints to help you create your own unique body butter mixtures.

What's inside?

Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Instructions: Learn how to make body butter in a simple, step-by-step manner. Discover how to mix ingredients, get the ideal texture, and steer clear of typical mistakes.

Ingredient Insights: Explore the world of ingredients with our ingredient insights. Recognize the characteristics and advantages of various base oils, essential oils, and additional ingredients that go into making body butter recipes.

Custom Formulation: Learn how to make body butter specifically tailored to your skin type. Customize your mixture to leave skin feeling smooth and glowing as it hydrates, calms, or rejuvenates.

Mixing Mastery: Develop your precision and grace in the art of mixing. Discover the techniques for creating body butter creations with the ideal consistency, aroma, and color.

Pro Tips: Gain access to knowledgeable guidance that will advance your body butter crafting abilities. Learn about packaging, storage, and shelf life to make sure your creations last.

With this invaluable resource, let your creativity run wild and experience the nourishing and soothing properties of homemade body butter. Begin the journey of creating body butter today!

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Are your products handmade?

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Can I use your body oil on my face?

We wouldn't recommend it. The carrier oil used in our body oils is Avocado Oil, which is commonly too thick to be used on your face as a sealant. However, our facial oils are curated specifically for each skin type.

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What exactly is "fragrance"?

We use fragrance oils that are created using natural essential oils, aroma chemicals, and other practical components, all in strict compliance with the most recent standards set by the International Fragrance Association (I.F.R.A.). Additionally, we only use fragrances that are safe for use in a variety of products, such as body creams, baby products, lip care, soaps, and facial moisturizers. These fragrances are of cosmetic-grade quality.

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Updated June 1, 2023


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